Growing Seeds of Change

As we all know, change doesn’t happen in a day. 

It is usually catalyzed by pain that sparks a desire for something different, something better. 

Start Small

Unfortunately, we can’t usually just snap our fingers and watch the change manifest immediately. Ramit Sethi, from I Will Teach You to Be Rich recommends just starting with one very small, doable action. He gives an example of just flossing one tooth. Just one. Just start. 

Plant a Seed of Change

In business, when we see a need for change, we may not even know what success even looks like. We just know that the current reality is not working.

That’s okay. Just start planting a seed of change.

Implement little changes each day that will eventually result in future big changes. There is power in action. 

Looking at a seed, it is very small and it doesn’t seem like much can come from it. When you plant it and cultivate it correctly, it will reap an abundant harvest. 

Business Changes

Businesses work the same way. When a seed of change is planted – which can be a shift in culture, a new organization structure, or tweaking of a process – it has to be tended to correctly with the right nutrients and care like technology, people, and processes in order to yield the most bountiful harvest.

Uncontrollable factors can come into place just like bad weather; we cannot always control the outcome of the storm but we can be prepared with the proper systems and processes. 

Change is Painful, but Growth is Good

Change is painful, but we can’t grow unless we learn to let go. Much like a snake, it’s impossible for it to grow without shedding its skin. Wisdom is knowing when our business has outgrown its own skin and it’s time to embrace change. 

“In life, change is inevitable. In business, change is vital.” – Warren G. Bennis

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