Uncertain Times

These are uncertain times. Businesses are being forced to close their doors and are wondering if they will ever recover. Employers are fearful they won’t make payroll or afford rent.  Hard workers everywhere are worried they will lose their ability to pay their bills and provide for their families. How can we prepare to function in a world that has been changed? Yes, these are uncertain times indeed, and we are afraid. 

Fear has a way of creeping into our minds and controlling our thoughts. Worry becomes our anthem and survival our only goal. Sometimes fear speaks to us in the form of a quiet whisper, other times it is a ravenous roar.  Whatever the pitch or tone, it has a way of taking complete control of our abilities to respond. What do we do when fear calls? We procrastinate in taking actions toward a goal, we make excuses, we hide, and sometimes give up all together. The fear of failure, rejection, or disappointment feels too risky, so instead of facing it, we play it safe.

Fear Paralyzes Action

When I was younger, I would wake up in the middle of the night and be afraid of the darkness. I would turn the light on or some music to help subside the fear. If that didn’t work, I’d call out for my mom to come to my room. It was the comfort of knowing someone else was there that made me feel safe.

Fast forward, where I am no longer afraid of the dark, I still at times feel like that scared little girl. Today, my fear wears a different face. I’m fearful that my business could fail at any time due to the coronavirus. It feels fragile, like it is built out of a deck of cards. I am afraid that all my dreams of creating a successful business will go out the window with the tiniest blow, and I will be left with nothing but the ashes of my potential. 

The Oh Hello’s wrote a song entitled,  “I Have Made Mistakes.” The lyrics read, “We have lived in fear and our fears have betrayed us, we will overcome.” It goes on to say that, “All the doubts I face I continue to face them, but nothing is a waste if we learn from it. The sun, it does not cause us to grow. It is the rain that will strengthen your soul. It will make you whole.” 

Hardship and Perseverance Can Bring Growth

I think we can be naive at times and believe that we are only successful when the “sun is shining.” When things are going well, it is easy to have confidence and hope for a brighter tomorrow.  The truth is that it is not by our success alone that we grow, rather it is often our failure and our hardships that develop perseverance and keep us fighting when things get hard.

We Can Overcome

These are hard times, but we are stronger. It may feel like we are a fragile house of cards, but we are built of iron and steel. I have been blown away by the innovation, dedication and resiliency of people. We can withstand, we can overcome.

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