Virtual Classes Focus for the Fitness Industry During the Coronavirus

How are you Coronavirus-proofing your gym and personal training?

As you begin to build or shift your business focus to virtual platforms like Trainerize, Mindbody, TrueCoach, Facebook lives, and Zoom calls, you are having to adapt your training styles. How has that been going for your fitness business?

Check In With Clients

It’s so important to check-in with your clients and determine what their fitness needs are during this time. You can find ways to keep them motivated and adjust their plans as needed.

What equipment do they have at home to keep up with their exercise routines? Staying in contact keeps your clients accountable and helps them stick to their goals and programs. This is so important right now when days blend into each other and routines are being redefined.

Offer Virtual Workouts

Building at-home workouts for your clients will keep them involved. It’s important to offer a variety of workouts that individuals can do with or without equipment.

Find creative ways to help them set new goals and to stay motivated with new challenges. Exercise and training are not only important for your client’s physical health, but also mental well-being.

What platforms are you using to train and stay engaged with your clients?

Call today to assess how they are working for your studio and if there are other things you can to do increase revenue for your gym.

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