Pivoting to a Virtual Gym

This is a guest post by a friend, Christy Marshall who has had great success in pivoting her business model.

Hi everyone! I’m Christy Marshall – a wellness entrepreneur and founder of Blush by Christy. I’m excited to be sharing my story with you today. The last 8 weeks have been unprecedented for all of us, and I’m sure if you’re like me, this time has made you take a look at your career and lifestyle. I’ve spent many moments evaluating, creating and learning to pivot my business quickly.

I had my own brick and mortar barre studio, Blush Studios, for five years and decided to close at the end of last year when the lease was up. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to proceed exactly, but I knew that I wanted to keep teaching barre and share the practice with others. My teaching goes beyond barre, and I’m passionate about sharing a holistic wellness lifestyle including nutrition, mindfulness, living a non-toxic lifestyle and more. 

Pivoting My Fitness Business

Fast forward to the quarantine. Having to stay put at home made me pivot and optimize very quickly. I immediately started teaching free live barre classes on my social media platforms in hopes to provide stress relief and movement with my followers.

The reception was great for my workouts, so I quickly escalated that to an on-demand, subscription video platform. I had a lot to learn quickly, and believe me there were many frustrating times learning how to produce, edit and distribute video content. I had to start and restart several times with different tools and technologies, but I baby-stepped into a workable system and launched. 

I am still in the beginning stages of my new business and am loving it. I have to continue to build momentum, optimize the user experience and figure out the best way to keep this all up as we start to venture back out into the world. I’m thankful for technology and that I was able to continue sharing my love of barre and help others stay healthy and active. 

More Info About Barre, Video Streaming and Pivoting Your Business

If you have any questions at all about barre, video streaming, wellness, etc. please feel free to reach out! If you love barre or have always wanted to try it, please join on my 7 day free trial! I would love to connect with you. Stay healthy and keep moving!

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