Maximize Your Gym Capacity

In order for your gym to be profitable, you need to utilize your space efficiently and effectively. 

Let’s say you have a 3,000 sq ft gym, and you are only letting max of 15 people in your class due to the exercises you want performed. What if that one exercise was taken out of the classes and now you can max out with 30? 

Here are 5 ways to maximize your capacity:

  1. Membership levels: How many classes can a client attend. Are you offering unlimited each month or three a week? If you offer classes 3 days a week (M,W,F or T,R,S) to your clients would you be able to fill your gym more? A way to think about this is instead of clients being able to come to any class you can sell in a package where they are offered to come Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. This allows for you to have a clear picture of who will be coming to what class and able to control class size.
  2. Attendance: What is the percentage of scheduled classes attended? Knowing this number will allow you to maximize your teaching hours each day. If you have a class where there is a high percentage of no shows and others that are full, oftentimes gyms will then add an additional class to help with overflow. Doing so adds additional expenses. How can you get your members to show up and spread out between all the class times offered? You can add a sign-up online through a mobile app through your gym management software or charge a no-show fee.
  3. Duration of Classes: Decreasing the length of classes and the breaks in between. Most gyms offer 60 min classes with a 15 min break in between or classes back to back where clearing out overlaps the start of the next class. Studies have shown that having 45min classes with 15min breaks can increase your capacity by 66% with no additional payroll or overhead costs. This provides more options for the busy times of day as well as keeping class size smaller. 
  4. Available Gym Space: How much usable fitness space do you have? Oftentimes boutique gyms have limited space that can be problematic as class size grows. A great way to work around this is by having partner workouts or circuit based so you don’t run out of equipment or space. 
  5. Exercise Selection: Which exercises are available for your clients to perform? It’s difficult to bring on new members with little to no fitness background and keeping current members engaged. You need to keep the variety and difficulty there. You can offer easy and more difficult exercises during each class. This allows people to adjust to their comfort level but still be in the same class as everyone else. 

What ways are you are maximizing your gym? 

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