Gym Management Software

I’m sure you’re familiar with the variety of softwares specific to the fitness industry (Mindybody, Zen Planner, Vagaro, GymMaster, etc.)

Having software for your gym helps with the variety of daily tasks that come with running a gym like:

  • member and employee management
  • sales
  • operations
  • financial reporting

They are necessary in helping you grow your business and to make necessary decisions.

Running on excel spreadsheets is cumbersome and time consuming, and you won’t be able to yield real time results. Software streamlines your processes and shows where inefficiencies may be happening. 

As with everything, there are downsides to a software including cost and managing the change. Depending on the size of your gym and the amount of users you’ll need can affect cost. Some employees and clients can be adverse to change, and it’s important to have a clear communication plan in place for this software implementation. 

Implementing Your Gym Management System

If you’re a brand new gym, this is an easier process. You don’t have any data to bring over, employees against the change, or normally other softwares that have to work with the system. Instead, there will be minor things to set up like reports, a chart of accounts, classes, and possibly other applications that will need to be integrated.

If you’re an existing gym, things can be a little more complex with bringing over old data and integrating with softwares you have in place like a credit card processor or training software. 

What Software Would Work Best For My Gym?

The great thing is most of the softwares can work for a gym of any size. However, there are some that have a better model and can grow with you at an affordable rate for the years to come. We provide high value advice to help you arrive at the best software decision quickly and effectively. 

Contact the Fitness Accounting Firm For an Evaluation

Contact us today to learn more about how our evaluation can help you purchase the right software for your gym. 

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