We care about you….and your numbers

The Fitness Accounting Firm was started to help business owners in the fitness and wellness industry.

We want to help you better understand your financials so you can make the best decisions for growth. 

As accountants and strategists, we first help you know your numbers, find the inefficiencies in your current systems, and then help to implement the solutions. We leave you tools to run a successful and efficient business.

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Kristy Barber

Owner, Founder

I’m an accountant and operations consultant who ditched the corporate world to pursue my passion helping business owners clarify what’s in their head, make it a reality, and together, create a fit future.

I’ve spent the past few years learning the universal principles that govern life and business, the best practices that drive growth, and the most effective methods to help get people where they want to go

Fitness and Wellness have always been a part of my life and have shaped me in many ways into the person I am today. Being a competitive athlete most of my life instilled discipline, competitiveness, and commitment.

I enjoy helping business owners visualize ways to keep their business in shape and grow it to the next level. I’m very passionate about owners understanding the importance of operations and finance in their business.



Why did you open a gym or studio? Most businesses are started because owners long for a sense of personal achievement, financial stability, and freedom. There is great opportunity – but often with great cost. We understand how owning a business can be very demanding and hard to manage on your own.

We come in as part of your team to help carry the load, share important insights, and help manage your financial dashboard so you can make important decisions with the right information to grow.

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How We help Your fitness business

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