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Find New Revenue Streams

Things are changing on a daily basis and sometimes even hourly. Some states are letting gyms open while others are keeping them shut until further notice. What is your business going to look like in a week or a month from now? Will there be a recession once things have reopened?  What can you do […]

Navigating Business Loans

Deciding how you want to finance your fitness business is essential to getting on the right track. Three of the most common financing options are Bootstrapping, Debt, and Equity. Bootstrapping Bootstrapping is using your own money to finance your fitness business and reinvest any money you make back into the business. So what does this […]

Painless Approach to Understanding Cash Flow

Cash flow. It’s a word business owners hear all the time and we all know the word can’t be ignored. Managing cash flow is important, and a healthy cash flow ensures your gym has money for growth and paying expenses.  The key to running your gym is to have more cash today than you did […]