Avoid Future Obstacles 

Establish a Profitable Foundation With Robust Systems

No one likes surprises or regrets. Use this checklist to make sure you are tackling the most important financial components when starting your fitness gym or studio.


01 legal entity


1. Set Up a Legal Entity

Ensure your liabilities and legal structure support your business goals and protect you against future lawsuits.



2. Find the right partners.

  • Good CPA

  • Lawyer

  • Bookkeeper


2 partners


3. Choose Software Wisely

Have the right software to manage and monitor business efficiently.

    • POS system
    • CRM
    • Billing/payment systems
    • Accounting software
    • Payroll company 
    • Email
    • Phone systems


4. Generate Pre-Sales 

Reach out to influencers in your industry and neighborhood to offer incentives for early memberships or day-passes before you even open your doors.

pre sales
marketing budget


5. Determine your marketing budget

  • Define Your Ideal Customer
  • Create a Logo
  • Define Your Brand
  • Create a Website


6. Evaluate Your Equipment

  • Have a list for the top priority equipment to determine what needs to be purchased. The list will help identify the features you should be looking for when purchasing any item.
  • How much capital will you need for equipment?
hire a team


7. Hire Carefully

  • Evaluate the basic requirements you need in your staff (personal trainers, first desk staff, managers, cleaning/operations)
  • Determine salary caps for each role
  • Make a non-negotiables list for employee values
  • Train each new hire on excellence and efficiency


8. Customize Inventory System 

  • Evaluate how much equipment is necessary to open. Make purchases thoughtfully and systematically.
  • Customize your inventory system to ensure profitability. 
inventory systems
employee retention


9. Create an Employee Retention Plan

  • Why should people want to work for you?
  • What benefits and incentives do you offer?
  • How can they stay motivated to grow?
  • How will you balance autonomy and accountability?


10. Market Your Membership Program

  • Why should clients become members?
  • Make it easy to share with friends.
  • Find passionate influencers in your community to market for you.
  • Make it easy to join and renew monthly membership.
membership program
new business


Top 10 Checklist

Keep these in mind as you prepare to launch your fitness business:

  • Set-Up Legal Entity
  • Find the Right Partners 
  • Choose Software
  • Generate Pre-sales
  • Determine Marketing Budget
  • Evaluate Equipment
  • Hire Carefully
  • Customize Inventory System
  • Create Employee Retention Program
  • Market Your Membership Program

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